FACTS members care deeply about the mission critical role of digital learning resources in education.  We feel all members of the school community – students, teachers, parents, publishers and platform providers – all benefit from that shared commitment.

We believe:

  • Improved access to digital learning resources creates opportunities to improve learning outcomes.
  • Schools should be free to select the best digital learning resources without sacrificing data interoperability.
  • Publishers and platform providers should leverage an unprecedented opportunity to build bridges between their systems using open technology standards.
  • Schools, publishers, and platform providers should adhere to common, open technology standards for secure delivery of data.
  • School technologists should no longer bear the burden of formatting data to the unique specifications of every publisher and platform provider.
  • Initiatives from IMS Global Learning Consortium, developed collaboratively between all stakeholders, represent optimal open technology standards.*

*IMS Global is a membership organization that benefits greatly from the leadership, support and involvement of school districts. For information on IMS membership please send email to IMS Global.